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She slid the derringer back into it's holster as the dirigible disappeared into the sunset. A laugh escaped her lips as she realized how completely cliche' this entire adventure had become. At least it was finally over.

It's over. She repeated to herself.

Suddenly, a rush of emotions overcame her, as she realized she would never see him again. He was gone.


Her knees trembled and she fell, as tears began streaming down her porcelain cheeks. She would have cried out, but the tightness in her chest prevented her from making a sound.

Through her misery, she heard someone approach. Still kneeling, she looked up. Someone was coming towards her from the opposite end of the field. She reached for the small pistol and pointed it at the man. At least, she thought it was a man. She wiped tears from her eyes with her free hand. She dropped her derringer.

He was limping. One hand on his ribs.

JACK! she screamed in her mind, to surprised to bring words forth.

She started running towards him. As she gained ground she saw blood where his hand was. Lots of blood.

Oh, god...

He collapsed into her arms as she reached him, and they fell to the ground together. The tall grass of the field concealing them from view.

"I have to stop the ble..." She started to say, but he put a finger to her lips.

They lay there, staring into each others eyes. The seconds felt like days. Minutes went by and a lifetime passed between them.

Using the last of his strength, he pressed his lips to hers, and let his eyelids close forever.

It's over... forever.


Miss Jessie Lynn

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