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Every page was filled with the same asinine drivel as the page before. Wear this makeup, take this sex advice, lose weight with this new diet fad. Boring, boring, boring. Mary closed the magazine.

Suddenly the door opened and two large dogs came bounding in, followed by barely-a-man in designer jeans and button down plaid shirt. "Hello!" he chimed gleefully. It was Martin.

Martin was a dog person. He did not only love his two pure bred mutts, but insisted on taking them everywhere with him, as though they were children. Yes, he was one of those dog people, but Mary didn't really mind.

She got up and hugged him. "Oh dear, I'm so glad you came to visit," She smiled as he began to sit his things down.

"Well you didn't really give me much choice, did you? Now, what is so important that it could not be said on the phone?" He walked to the kitchen of the studio apartment and began to make a cup of tea.

She sat back on the sofa peering over the back at him. "I've made a very important discovery."

"Mmmhmm, oh really?" He raised one eyebrow. "What this time? Men are actually from another planet? The media is out to get specifically you? Or maybe you're actually from another planet…"

She threw the magazine at him. "Shut up! This is important!" She smiled mischievously. "I have realized… that women's magazines are rubbish."

Martin blinked, looked down at his tea, then looked back up at her. "You're an idiot, Mary."


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